All of our service offerings are customizable for the scope of work you are looking for.  Whether you are a Municipality, Local or Regional School District, Utility or Fire District, or a semi-public entity such as a Housing Authority, we can customize the delivery of these services to meet your organizations goals.

We offer a regionalized services discount for neighboring municipalities which provides additional benefits to our already competitive rates:

  • Discounted service plans.  We offer a regional discount plan of 5-15% off pricing for each municipality that participates in a regionalized plan.
  • Consistent DOR representation.  We strive to submit Free Cash and the year end close together on the same forms, at the same time, to ensure that participating Town's receive their approvals and certifications early.

Regionalized plans don't have to be for just interim or permanent staffing solutions.  We can package any combination of services together to create a custom plan that is right for you and your neighboring Town's. 

Interim Staffing Services - BMAG employs a number of employees with professional experience from each of the major municipal finance departments.  Whether you are looking for a Town Accountant, Treasurer, Collector, Assessor, or Payroll Coordinator, we have the resources to assist.  Most interim services are based on a retainer style contract for a fixed period of time which can range from 90 days all the way through a year or more. Permanent Solutions are available on request.

Project Based Services - From setting Enterprise rates, to a new chart of accounts, to revamping the budget process, we have the resources to help.  If for some reason we don't have the person on staff to assist, then we definitely have a contact in our files who can help.  Project based services are a great way to start getting through the To-Do list that is often put on the back burner so that you and your staff can focus on day to day operations.  There is no project that is too small, and we have flexible pricing options available to accommodate any budget restrictions you might have.

Budget Services - We can assist with a wide range of budget services including updating the look and feel of your budget document, through full historic analysis and future projections. We have experience using most major municipal accounting systems, and are able to provide a comprehensive list of reports needed, for your system, to accomplish the project.  In the past several years we have done more and more projects relating to transparency in budgeting, and our updated publication document provides non-accounting explanations for the casual user to understand the state of the town.  A sample of the departmental budget document can be found in our Sample Files section, or by clicking here.  For Town's who participate in our extended budgeting service, we also offer an annual update service where we will advise you along the way, and complete the updates to your published budget document for a single flat rate.

Warrant Writing - Writing the Town Meeting Warrant can be a time consuming task, and legal review by Town Counsel is often costly. Many Town's have expressed that they would like to update the look and feel of their document, or include additional content that would be useful to the Town Meeting body.  The time necessary to convert the tried and true document that has been in use for years is often a deal breaker when it comes forging new ground and putting out a new format.  Our Warrant Writing service combines the best of both worlds: You receive a first review of article form and legal language thereby reducing the time necessary for Counsel to review, and a publication ready format that can be printed either internally or be sent out to a printer.  At sample of the Town Meeting Warrant document can be found in our Sample Files section, or by clicking here.

Procurement - Our staff has attended the Inspector General's MCPPO training classes, and a number our first line project managers are MCPPO certified to act in a procurement role for your Town.  Our services range from assisting departments in putting together a scope of services, to writing the IFB or RFP, right up to a full turnkey solution taking the process from beginning to end.  We can also assist with any final negotiations, contracting, or other close up items at the end of the process if necessary. 

Organizational Assessments - We perform a number of services under this category including writing and updating policies and procedures, department re-organzations, recruitment and hiring, and workflow review and analysis. We understand that memorializing the practices of the past is a time consuming project that many Town's have difficulty completing.  We have many templates and working documents based on State and national best practices that can streamline and expedite the process.

Management Letter Mitigation - Let us help you work through your audit's management letter findings and get you headed in the right direction for next years audit.  Many minor management letter findings can be resolved through the use of a new procedure, form, or other small adjustment in departmental practices.  We have a number of tools available to assist Towns in rectifying many of the most common management letter points.  Have a more substantial finding that you are concerned about how to address?  We can help with the research and resolution of many of the more major findings as well.

Benefits Analysis - Town sponsored employee benefits represent one of the largest costs in the budget for any municipality.  As such, it is always a good idea to invest some time in the management of your sponsored plans, and the reconciliation of the employees in those plans.  Many Town's are unable to commit the large amount of resources necessary to review employee and plan options on an ongoing basis.  This lack of review leads to situations where the Town is paying for employees that it shouldn't be, employees contributing the incorrect rate through payroll, or worse, the Town paying for employees who are not even on a Town plan.  This service is available both as a one time project option, and as an annual update service for continued review after the initial reconciliation is complete to ensure long term success.

Training - Having trouble hiring an employee from the market?  There is an ever growing list of open positions out on the MMA job opportunities board, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to hire an experience and qualified candidate.  We offer a range of training services to educate and promote employees to higher level positions from within your organization.  

Year End & Annual Projects - Whether you need to catch up on cash, receivable, or other internal reconciliations, or need assistance certifying Free Cash or completing your Schedule A, we are there to help.  Our services range from crafting policies and procedures to ensure that these activities are happening timely and efficiently, training staff on the how's and why's of getting the work complete, or completing the work ourselves to get you caught up in time for your audit.

Long Term Planning - Many Cities and Town's have begun a process of researching and implementing long term operational and capital plans to ensure that major projects and initiatives receive the appropriate funding without burdening the tax payers.  We offer services for both identifying a jumping off point and creating a planning framework, through updating current projections with new data analysis and priorities.   We currently offer a 2, 3, and 5 year planning process for both operational and capital planning needs.